Looking to reduce unwanted noise in your café or restaurant? One of the biggest complaints with restaurants today is the ever increasing noise level. This was highlighted in a recent Zagat survey where patrons rated ambient noise as the #2 complaint after service.


The problem with noisy dining environments.

Eating out should be one of life’s great pleasures. Whether it’s meeting up for a coffee with an old friend, a romantic dinner date or a family gathering, interacting with those we care about is as important as the food itself. This is why when charity Action on Hearing recently surveyed diners they found that 80 per cent of people have left a restaurant, café or pub due to distracting noise levels, with nine in ten saying they would not return at all!

91% said they wouldn’t go back to a venue where noise levels were too high.

79% have left an establishment early because it was too noisy.

75% said they’d go out more often if the noise levels were lower.

But here’s the thing: Loud venues aren’t just preventing your patrons from conversing, they’re a public health threat! Especially for your employees or the people that frequent them. Being exposed to noise levels above 70 and 80 decibels - which is often a reality these days - causes irreparable hearing loss over time. This kind of hearing loss is oftentimes easily preventable.

Recent design trends have been a catalyst for the problem of noise. Venues have done away with soft absorbent furnishings and replaced them with a minimalist aesthetic full of hard surfaces and industrial detailing. All of which has led to the sound of diners conversation, background music and kitchen production noise being reflected back into the room creating a densely reverberant din.

In an often strained effort to be heard, patrons collectively speak louder and louder, which further elevates the ambient noise level to the point where they can no longer communicate effectively (commonly known as the Lombard Effect). No matter how enjoyable the food, it becomes an unpleasant experience and patrons will vote with their feet and never return.

How we can help you.

GB Acoustics offer a range of bespoke sound absorbing solutions for all types of dining environment. Our specialist polyester wall and ceiling panels are designed to comfortably fit around your existing room fittings. Even a moderate quantity of panels will dramatically reduce ambient noise and provide a superb acoustic environment for your patrons.

Lightweight, fire resistant and made from recycled materials, our panels are as good for the environment as they are for your business. For a free quote drop us a message