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Optimise your Acoustic Environment.

PET Acoustic panels, tiles, screens and bass traps for UK home & professional studios, home theatres, schools, cafes, bars and offices.


Acoustic solutions that Control noise and improve user wellbeing.


We offer a range of bespoke sound absorbing solutions for all types of environment. Our specialist acoustic panels are designed to comfortably fit around your existing room fittings and dramatically reduce ambient noise levels. competitively priced, Lightweight, environmentally friendly and easy to install, we offer a range of tailor to-fit service options no matter your budget.

Service - A pragmatic approach to acoustic consultancy.

  1. Tell us about your space and the problems you are facing acoustically. We will discuss your requirements to truly understand your issue and desired outcome.

  2. We will assess your requirements, ensuring that our highly effective products and well-practised solutions meet all of your performance and design needs.

  3. We will advise a tailored treatment plan including product selection and installation guide. You may be assured of our prompt and professional service at all times.

PET - The high performance, Eco alternative in acoustic treatment.

  • PET Panels are manufactured from recycled polyester fibres. The recycled fibre used by us comes from recycled plastic bottles. Learn More

  • GB Acoustics products have gained a B1 fire rating, making them a safe choice for any surface liner.

  • Our Panels are durable, lightweight, moisture resistant, odourless, non-irritant and have no added chemicals. Learn More