The Living Building Challenge™ developed a Red List of prohibited materials under the Declare Programme to provide transparency around  building products.  Declare is a 'nutrition label' for the international building industry and is a voluntary self-disclosure programme aiming for healthier and more ecological products in construction.  Red List Free products like our acoustic panels are shown to be free from Declare's red list of ingredients.


We feel it is important to consider the environment in all facets of our business and so measuring and monitoring our impact, is the only way to understand how we can improve. Carbon emissions from our manufacturing process are now off-set, monitored and continually reduced through a variety of smarter business practices. 

This philosophy started back with the development of polyester acoustic panels as a non-toxic, non-irritant, long-lasting alternative to traditional acoustic treatment.  It now extends to the way we operate the business, our manufacturing process and the way we help customers create safer, less damaging acoustic environments.


Recycled Polyester, PET, is the same material that plastic bottles are made from and we are committed to using the maximum possible in all our products. All GB Acoustics products are safe and easy to work with, they will not cause irritation when touched and are chemical free – no pesticides, insecticides and formaldehyde.  All of our polyester acoustic products are thermally bonded which means there are no glues or bonding agents.