Polyester Acoustic Screen | PREMIUM

Polyester Acoustic Screen | PREMIUM


Free standing portable acoustic screens for Offices, voiceover, vocals, podcasting, Classroom Quiet Spaces and Break-Out Areas.

Modular in design, tack-able, robust and highly versatile, our screens are the perfect solution for acoustic separation in any noisy environment.

Panel Height:
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Advantages of Design:

  • Light weight and therefore easily moved around the classroom, Office or studio.

  • They absorb sound equally from both sides of the screen therefore achieving an overall NRC rating of nearly 1.3 and absorbing a wide range of frequencies right down to 125 Hz.

  • Our screens also have a beneficial impact on the acoustics of the whole room. Even a small number will vastly improve the overall acoustics and noise control of your space.

  • Notes and Copy can be pinned/tacked to the screens, making them ideal for voiceover, vocals and podcasting

  • There is no gap under the panels - this is critical when designing a quiet space or recording environment.

  • They can be quickly folded away and stored when not in use.

  • They are inexpensive - you can afford to have several of these in every office, classroom or studio.


24mm EcoBonded PET Fibre @ 200 Kgs per M3 density. Light, no irritation, eco friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof.


120x120mm, 120x180mm

180x120mm, 180x180mm

Bespoke sizing available upon request.


Minor installation of panel hinges required to facilitate modular design and aid damage free carriage

Fire Rating: 

A Rated - Non flammable