Polyester Standard Bass Trap

Polyester Standard Bass Trap


Standard Bass Trap panels for studios and home theatres with innovative designs and top performance. Ideally suited to small rooms up to around 3 metres by 5 metres in size.

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While it only absorbs a limited amount of very low-frequency sound (50-80 Hz) it does a good job on many of the most problematic lower mid and bass frequencies i.e. 100 - 400 Hz because it is placed across corners of a room with a gap of around 150mm behind. This gap has several benefits:

  • It allows sound waves to travel through the panel at maximum velocity which results in maximum absorption.

  • Bass frequencies bouncing back off the walls are re-absorbed through the rear of the panel.

  • The gap does not increase the higher frequencies absorption but does give an extra octave of bass frequencies absorption.

Fire Rating:

A Rated - Non-flammable.


Black & White.


Bonded plastic fibre @ 35 Kgs per M3 density. Light, no irritation, eco-friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof & 100% UK building regulation compliant.


Corner bass panels are 50mm thick.


Corner bass trap panels are w:290mm h:1150mm with square edges.


25mm ceiling and wall panels - 0.5kg.
50mm ceiling and wall panels - 1.0kg.
50mm corner bass trap panels - 0.5kg.


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