Polyester Portable Screen

Polyester Portable Screen


Free standing portable acoustic screens (Gobos) for voiceover, podcasting, School Classroom Quiet Spaces and Break-Out Areas. Suitable for acoustic separation in noisy environments.

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Advantages of Design

  • Light weight and therefore easily moved around the classroom or studio.

  • They absorb sound equally from both sides of the screen at the same time therefore achieving an overall NRC rating of nearly 1.8 and absorbing a wide range of frequencies right down to 100 Hz.

  • They also have a very beneficial impact on the acoustics of the whole room. Even a room with just 4 Gobos in it will have much improved overall acoustics and noise control.

  • Free-standing.

  • There is no gap under the panels - this is critical when designing a quiet space or recording environment.

  • They can be quickly folded away when not in use and make superb bass traps in the corners or leaning against the rear wall of your classroom or studio.

  • Because of their light weight & semi-rigid design they can be placed on the floor when isolating an amp or recording a seated musician (e.g. a drummer) or on a table/desk when recording a standing musician or vocalist.

  • They are inexpensive - you can afford to have several of these in every classroom or studio.


Bonded plastic fibre @ 35 Kgs per M3 density. Light, no irritation, eco friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof & 100% UK building regulation compliant.


50mm portable acoustic screens - 2.0kg.

Fire Rating: 

A Rated - Non flammable


These screens are made from two 1150x580x50mm


Black & White


25mm = 0.70 | 50mm = 0.90
(NRC = Noise reduction coeficient. A measure of a panel's overall sound reduction/absorption ranging from 0=zero to 1=100% absorption)

To View a detailed chart of NRC values for all NZ Acoustics Ltd Products please download this PDF document